Saturday, March 20, 2010

UNIISYS: The End of a Chapter, The Beginning of Another

It has long been planned by the class that UNIISYS will be presented to our parents to show them the fruit of our sleepless nights, the product of our sweat and blood. Tonight, the UNIISYS presentation has finally come to a close and it did not end up well – it ended up GREAT! We presented our systems and even though things did not go perfectly, the turnout was more than what we expected it to be.

UNIISYS is an integrated system and I honestly felt everyone’s feelings interweave all throughout the presentation. A sense of unity and oneness lingered in the air and even though we did not talk much with each other, I can tell that we are all hoping, and in our own, little ways working, for the success of the presentation. I felt no barriers between us, as if our walls have all been broken down by our common goal of making the presentation a memory worth remembering.

“Nostalgic” would probably be the perfect word to describe the atmosphere in the hall and it was rather unfortunate that I only felt this after we went home. I know that I am reluctant to express what I feel straightforwardly to others, but I sure am not afraid of writing about it. I LOVE our class, and everyone else in it!

I do not regret every moment of hardship that we have been put through because we got so much more than knowledge and discipline – we created an unbreakable bond with people who have become a great part of our lives. I am glad that our professor/adviser thought the same way, too, and I am elated that our efforts did not go unnoticed. Even though I am not after recognition, I have to admit that it feels a lot better when it is given to you when you least expect it.

My feelings while I am writing this are so overflowing that if I do not find an outlet for them, I feel like I would burst. For now, I could say that this night is the BEST memory I have made in my whole four years in college.

 The whole class with RSG


  1. kahilakon jud kau ko gahapon. as in super..

    last night was the best night of my entire college life...

    UNIISYS is the best project ever..
    glad to be a part of it..

    i will never ever forget this moment..

  2. Kate/Kristine

    congrats, ... tnx 4d HELP ..