Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UNIISYS (University Integrated System)

This is the article that I wrote for USEP's Newsletter about UNIISYS (, under the advisory of RSG.

What began inside the classroom is now making its way to a campus-wide awareness.

Homepage of UNIISYS

UNIISYS or University Integrated System is a project developed by 4th year Computer Science and Information Technology students of the University of Southeastern Philippines. Briefly, UNIISYS is a large system composed of ten smaller subsystems that function together to address problems and improve services in the University. The ultimate goal of UNIISYS is to tie together key processes in the University and create the feeling of unity by marrying initiative, technology, and talent.
The conceptualization and development of UNIISYS was a very challenging process. In fact, the idea did not come up until after ten different systems have been approved for development. These ten systems were originally proposed to cater to different sectors in the campus. Even so, since the main goal of each system is to serve the University in some way, integrating them became a very viable idea. The challenging part here is that no one has ever attempted to do such a large-scale integration for a campus and this is a first for USEP.

The ten subsystems that make up UNIISYS are: (1) Agila, a Davao Geographical Information System; (2) eGayd, an online university map; (3) eBenta, a bidding system; (4) eDikit, a free online publication of creative and literary works; (5) ePahibalo, an electronic bulletin board, (6) eHatag, a file-sharing system; (7) eSkular, a scholarship renewal system; (8) eTudlo, an online tutorial-seeking system, (9) eSkedyul, a schedule organizer for faculty and students; and (10) Alumnay, a community for USEP graduates. Indeed, all of these services were designed with the hope of making the USEP community a better place.

However, UNIISYS’ real value lies in the fact that it is a system built from the students’ perspective, thus providing a personal yet objective view of what the USEP community really needs. Ideas for the system sprung from the students’ own observations and experiences.
Now that UNIISYS is gaining university-wide attention, it is right to say that, this is only the first step in getting the students to contribute something for the improvement of the university. It shows that there are many ways to help the University, while highlighting the students’ capabilities at the same time. We may not have the same high-end facilities as other colleges but we can find ways to make the most of what we have. USEP is not deprived of talent because there are many untapped potentials in the university. The only thing needed to get these seemingly dormant talents to wake up is a little push and the right initiative.

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