Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Get Police Clearance in Davao City

Another requirement for employment is the Police Clearance. I also just got my police clearance yesterday and I thought it would be helpful to you if I shared my experience in getting it. However, this guide will only be for local employment.

Things to bring:
1. Around Php200 for fees
2. Pen

Where to go:
1. Window 23 (found at the side of Sangguniang Panglungsod)
2. Police Barracks (beside PNB Claveria - San Pedro Extension)

What to do:
1. Before going directly to the barracks to get your police clearance, you MUST pay the fees first at Window 23 in Sanggunian.

2. At Window 23, fill up the Cedula form and pay the fees for the Cedula, Police and Fiscal Court Clearances, which totals at Php97.00. You should receive your Community Tax Certificate and an Official Receipt (OR).

3. After paying, go now to the Barracks and look for the building with the blue tent outside. In this building, get your Police Clearance Form from a man outside the office (don't worry if you don't know where to look for him because he will approach you first either way).

4. In filling up the form, make sure to check the spellings of your information because this will be encoded in your clearance later on. You will need to write down your Cedula number (found in the upper-right corner of your Cedula) and the OR number (found in the upper-right portion of the Official receipt you got from Window 23).

5. After filling up, submit this form with your OR to Window 1 (Receiving window). You will be given a number and you should wait for your number to be called. While waiting, it is good if you can prepare EXACTLY Php80.00 for the printing fee because they usually don't have change for larger bills.

6. When called, enter through Door 1 and have your picture taken. Then, wait outside for your name to be called in Window 2, where you will get your police clearance form.

7. When you get your Police Clearance Form, DO NOT leave yet. Check your form for any misspellings and if there are, have your form reprinted immediately. Just enter directly through Door 1 and talk to the clerk or the encoder. Your clearance will be reprinted immediately.

8. If there are no more problems, place your right thumbmark on the space provided on the form and affix your signature. That's it! :)

Estimated Processing Time: 15-30 minutes

(will add the steps for fiscal court later...)


  1. thanks for the info, when did you post this article? is this accurate as of july 2010? (it has no time stamp)

    anyway, i'm new to the fiscal court clearance since we don't have this in makati, i hope you could help me. do i really need to obtain this to get police clearance in davao? or this is just another requirement? i only need the police clearance. instruction number 2 indicates that i need to pay for F.C.C. so what does this means?

  2. @^anonymous

    Hi! I posted this last May so it's quite recent. (just displayed the post date). :-)

    anyway, to answer your question, you don't need the fiscal clearance to get your police clearance. but if you're preparing for employment, i suggest you get (and pay for) the police, fiscal, and court clearances so you won't have to go back to sanggunian to pay again.

    but if you really only want the police clearance, then you can just tell the cashier at window 23 that you are only getting the police clearance. that way he will issue you the correct receipt.

    i hope i answered your question. :-)

  3. thanks a lot! now i understand. this blog helps a lot, keep doing informative sites!

  4. very helpful! thank you

  5. very helpful. saves me the time in going back to two places =)

  6. i love your blog! this is very helpful! thanks big time!

  7. can i get a police clearance in davao city even if i'm from another place?

  8. It is extremely informative...nobody will be lost in getting their police clearances...everything is in place and detailed...


  10. Thank you so much for this blog. It really helps! :)

  11. Just what I needed... and hopefully someone can comment if this is still how they do it now..

  12. Tag pila naman ang police clearance karon? As of October 2012?

  13. hello pwd mag.ask na hit ako sa nbi clearnce but my my police clearance is clearead how does it mean? na my case ako?

  14. kasi b4 dito sa na blotter ako pero hindi natuoly ang kaso kasi hindi na tinuloy na tito ko,so ngkuha ako ng police clearance cleared nman po ako, pero pgkuha ko ng nbi clearance hit po ako, its dat mean related yon sa case b4? or my kapangalan lang ako na my kaso?

    1. The usual case is may kapangalan lang po kayo kaya na-hit sa NBI. Pero sa mga cases na may "hit" ang pangalan niyo, usually pinapabalik lang naman after 2 weeks then pwede nang makuha ang NBI clearance.

  15. thanks a lot for this steps, at least now i can arrange my processing....

  16. same procedure today?

  17. Thank you. very informative

  18. my new school requires a police clearance since im a student and i didnt have any part time jobs do i need to get cedula?? is cedula and baranggay clearance are the requirements for me to get my police clearance and beside im living in a dormitory. please any my question.

  19. kindly include office hours please? like can i get the clearance during weekends.

  20. kindly include office hours please? like can i get the clearance during weekends.