Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Get NBI Clearance in Davao City

Okay, before I get to the steps in getting your NBI clearance, I would just like to vent my frustrations. The current system needs to be OVERHAULED! ARGH! Anyway, going back to the topic, I will provide another "guide" for getting your NBI clearance if you are a new applicant.

Things to bring:
- Any valid ID or NSO-Authenticated Birth Certificate
- Php115 for Local Employment/Travel Abroad, Php165 for Licenses

Where to go:
The NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Office is located along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, right in front of Victoria Plaza. You can't miss it.

What to do:
1. Get an NBI Clearance Form from the "main desk". Upon entering the gate, walk straight and make your way through the crowd of people until you come to a desk where (usually) two people are seated. Ask them for a form. You will be asked to present any valid ID or your NSO-Authenticated Birth Certificate.

2. Fill up this form. Make sure you fill up all required details correctly, otherwise, you will be delayed later on.

3. After filling up, you will need to place ALL your fingerprints on the form - both left and right hand fingers. If you're lucky, you will not have to fall in line and just head directly to the right side of the gate where NBI staff will aid you in the fingerprinting process. If you're unlucky, you will need to wait in line for your turn.

4. After fingerprinting, line up to pay to the cashier. In your form, you have to indicate your purpose because this will determine the amount you are expected to pay. Be advised, however, that there are times when the cashier will not accept payments right away so you will have to wait IN LINE for your batch to be called.

Also, when you pay, you will not get any receipt yet. The receipt will be given after having your picture taken.

5. Okay, this is where the actual test of patience will begin - picture-taking. After paying, immediately look for a rather comfortable place for you to wait in because you will be waiting for some time. There's a television in the waiting area but you can barely hear it amidst the loudspeaker and the chatters. :D

6. Wait for your name to be called. When you're called, proceed to Window 5 (last window to your left), sit down immediately for the picture-taking and don't forget to get your receipt.

7. After having your picture taken, you will have to wait again for your name to be called in the Releasing Window (Window 4). When you are called, show your receipt and claim your NBI Clearance. Congratulations!*
*There are times when your name will generate a "HIT" on their records. This means that you or someone with the same name as you has a case. If you are called and told to come back in 10 working days, that means your name generated a hit and they have to look around for your records... Bad luck.
Estimated Processing Time: 3-6 hours in the same day or in two days

1. FILL UP THE FORM CORRECTLY because this is where they will base what will appear on your result/clearance. If you find any discrepancies in your clearance, they will look at the form you submitted and if they find that it was your mistake, you will have to pay again for reprinting. If it's their mistake, they do it for free.

2. In case of brownouts (usually in the afternoon) and you have already paid, come back early the next day and GO DIRECTLY to Window 5. You will be prioritized because you have already paid.

3. When a couple of hours pass and you notice you still haven't been called for picture-taking or getting your results, go to Window 4/5 and ASK. Don't continue to wait around because you might never be called. Chances are your records have been placed somewhere in the bottom because of the piles of clearance applications coming in.

4. Don't chew gum or eat anything while having your picture taken.

5. Don't bring a kid, for crying out loud. Have pity on the child.

Okay, so those are the steps in getting your NBI Clearance. I don't know if it's just me but I don't think getting a mere piece of paper is worth all that wait. They seriously need to re-evaluate their system because I think that getting your NBI Clearance should be faster. Hello, it's the "National Bureau of Investigation", I think they should "investigate" what's wrong with their system. Seriously.


  1. Nice Kate. Very informative. :) It will help those people like me who have not went through the process of getting an NBI clearance.

  2. wat f it is for renewal? wat shud i bring, and how much it cost?

  3. Just today I applied for the renewal of my NBI Clearance and everything went inefficient. The system, the person-in-charge was inefficient. I waited for almost 3 hours for the renewal. Take note "renewal". I was impatient to wait for more minutes for the release because I have to be at work and I shouldn't be late.Instead, I went back at 1:30 pm for the release but the result was a misspelled address. It was a waste of time and effort. To think, that I have to be excused from work for hours for this Clearance but all went unwell. So I should go back again tomorrow to correct it--it's another waste of time and effort. I have to leave from home earlier to drop by for the misspelled or lets say careless mistake of the encoder. I have a 5 months old baby to be taken care of before I go to work.. So my time is very limited.

    I suggest that the NBI office should have a written work flowchart or guide or procedure to let everyone know how and where to start. Not everyone knows the government procedures, not everyone is educated enough or good enough in guessing the flowchart. I also suggest if they can do the process in a continues way..not stopping for long minutes to finish the batch or group of applicants first and make everyone wait until they open to accept a next batch of applicants. If the government can provide more high technology or faster technology to make the work efficient, I think that would be good. I wonder if the electronic machine they are saying is easier,effective or functional now. The government should also provide more kiosks in this city.

    Please let us make this city more progressive and it should start from our government because I love this city so much.

  4. thank you so much! this blog is so informative. This would be a big help especially for first timers like me. God Bless!


  6. how to get nbi clearance if i am in other country & i lost my nbi clearance before

  7. sana yong may kapangalan sa NBI na may CASEna person 4 example the CASE was already aquitted were hoping na sana i erase na nila sa system nila upang sa ganon di mahirapan yong taong kukuha ng clearance. god bless to all NBI personnel.

  8. and don't forget, if you are a foreigner...go directly to Cashier's window to get foriegner form rather than waiting in line an hour only to be told after all that wait, "you need to go to casheir for foriegner form".....the system needs fixing

  9. how to secure an NBI ID?

  10. [how to secure an NBI ID?]

    - The steps I posted here are the steps on how to get your NBI "clearance". If by "ID" you mean "clearance", meaning you don't have any listed offenses, then you've come to the right place. :-)

  11. well i hope tomorrow is my lucky day #crossfingers

  12. Lucky for me.Since I'm pregnant, eventhough my number is 194 I was the first to be entertained and the first to finish. Kudos to NBI for giving priority to preg and senior cits. But I hope they will put a clear and brief flowchart para yong mga huling dumating na hindi nakarining sa instructions before the process started would not be at loss. Ang init sa loob.huhu

  13. mmmm....yes ur right! i think their system needs updates because I am one of those that name is "Hit" when i enquire one of the staffs he said everytime I apply for NBI clearance I always be HIT coz ones my name is hit the first time I apply it will be hit forever, I told them it was resolved before why can't they update records? to think we are from Bislig then we just travel to Davao to get this NBI certificate then was told to come back after 2 weeks? what a System!!! we spent muck money, time, efforts...tiring in travelling....

  14. is the 115 payment still the same this time ??

  15. thank you so, so much.. this helps me a lot.. for such a noobie like me :D

  16. baguhin naman ang systema nila.. usad pagong kac ang mga transactions.

  17. If nbi davao is bad,then try getting your nbi clearance from cagayan de oro. Like last year, I was asked to return after 1 week before I could even file. They gotta be kidding the hospital's S3 license won't wait that long and to think i have to travel from bukidnon. So I'll be trying my luck here in davao. I hope ill be lucky later

    1. Whenever I hear the name "NBI", I automatically think "pain in the neck".

      If you're going to file in Davao, I suggest you go there early. You won't believe how many people are already there before 7am. Well, good luck!

  18. Yeah! NBI davao should(must)change their system.Tell me,wht kind of system do u have? we waited for almost 13hours and get nothing Kasi Na HIT lang pala.grabe kayang pagod ang dinanas ko just to have my clearance.Bakit di kayo gumawa ng sistema na i connect ang computer system nyo sa Main office talaga para kapag may na hit malaman talaga dritso ang resulta.Hindi kaya madali ang maghintay(that's super nakakapagod)Okay lang sana ang maghintay kung worth it naman,yong alam mong ginagawa din nila ang lahat para sa inyo. Tapos kung may magtanong bakit mabagal,sabihin lang nila mga OJT's lang daw kasi ang nagpoprocess sa loob...WHAT?bkit ojt's? ang laki2 ng kita nyo galing sa tao tapos hindi manlang makapaghired ng mga karapat dapat na mga empleyado? ANO BA YAN? masyado na kayong bulok!!!nakakainis na talaga..tapos after 15 days kasi nga na hit,wala pa din ang result?grabe na talaga ha!hindi lang yan ang inaasikaso ng tao,kung busy kayo mas busy kami.ano ba naman????kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilpinas kasi simpleng bagay2 lamang hindi kaagad sinusolusyonan.

  19. i just want to share this..:)

    You can renew your NBI clearance without a fuzz but too bad its only available in Manila. I think NBI Davao should throw away their Jurassic system and apply some innovation.. I just hope that NBI will have this online system all over the Philippines especially in the key cities of the south..Good thing in going to Manila soon so I'll just make an appointment with the NBI pips there..:)

  20. nbi davao is also processing nbi appication from abroad? instead of mailing it to the main office Manila. thank you

  21. how to get an authenticated nbi clearance?

  22. kailangan pa ba na ipa-photocopy ang NSO???

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