Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Apply for SSS Membership in Davao

I just got my SSS number yesterday and I wanted to share with everyone the steps I took to get it. These are the steps in applying for SSS (Social Security System) membership if you're in Davao City.

Things to bring:
1. Photocopy and original NSO-Authenticated Birth Certificate
2. BLACK pen

Where to go:
The SSS Office is located along Bajada, Davao City. From Claveria, you can ride a Route 4 jeep and it will drop you right in front of the SSS building.

What to do:
1. Get form E-1 (Personal Record Form) at Counter 1 (left side of the door). You MUST use black ink to fill up the form. There are two copies of the form so be sure to place your left and right thumbmarks on both of the papers.

2. After filling up, submit the form and a photocopy of your birth certificate to Counter 3 (just beside Counter 1). You may be asked to show the original copy of your birth certificate so be sure to have it in hand. You will be told to come back at a later time on the same day (about an hour later) to the same counter. However, I strongly advise that you stay near the premises because you might be called earlier.

3. Wait for your name to be called by an officer at Counter 3. You should receive a stamped copy of the form you filled up earlier (the pink one) with your SSS number at the upper-left corner. And that's it! You have your SSS number.

Estimated Processing Time: 30min-1 hour
* The form that you receive will be the one that you submit to your employer for your requirements.

For more info, visit http://www.sss.gov.ph/.