Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Get Fiscal & Court Clearance in Davao

Update (May 30, 2010): Added How to Get Court Clearance

As promised, I will be sharing with you the steps to getting your Fiscal Clearance. Fiscal clearance is another requirement for employment and is really easy to get.

Things to bring:
- Pen
- Cedula and Cedula OR
- Php50 for the clearance
- Documentary stamp (can be bought at the store directly across Hall of Justice)

Where to go:
The Hall of Justice is located in front of Ecoland Terminal or the Davao Overland Transport Terminal. You will get your Fiscal Clearance at the first window to the right side of the entrance.

What to do:
1. Before going to Hall of Justice, make sure that you have already paid for your Cedula and Fiscal Clearance at Sanggunian. You will need the Official Receipt to get your Fiscal clearance. (See this post: How to Get Police Clearance in Davao City)

2. Buy one or two documentary stamps at the store directly across Hall of Justice. Each stamp costs Php20.00.

3. Go to the first window on the right side of the entrance and fill up two forms (one small and one letter-sized form). On the the letter-sized form, paste the stamp you bought. (There's paste in the next window)

4. Submit these two forms with your Cedula and the Official Receipt. Pay Php50.00 for the clearance. You will be given a claim stub with the date and time to claim your clearance. This is usually on the next day.

5. On the scheduled date, go back to the window and claim your clearance. You should also get back your Cedula, your OR and another receipt for the Php50.00 you paid earlier.

Estimated Processing Time: 5 minutes
Estimated Claim Time: ?? seconds (it's really quick)

There you have it - your fiscal clearance. It's really VERY hassle-free, unlike getting your NBI Clearance. You will want to file for a Court Clearance, too, which will be on the second floor of H.O.J. I will add the steps for that later.


How to Get Court Clearance

Things to prepare:
- Cedula and OR
- Fiscal Clearance
- Barangay Clearance
- Documentary Stamp (see instructions above)

Where to Go:
You can file for a court clearance at the second floor of Hall of Justice, in front of Ecoland Terminal, Davao City.

What to Do:
1. The process is pretty straightforward and similar to how you got your fiscal clearance. You just have to make sure that you have prepared all the things I listed above as they are required to get your court clearance. The only difference is that you can get your court clearance on the same day. :-D


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