Saturday, May 1, 2010

March 2010 PhilNITS FE Exam Results


The results of the recently-conducted PhilNITS FE Exam are out and updated. To see the complete list, click here. Anyway, the "Yatta!" at the beginning was because... I PASSED! 14 other Davaoenos passed the exam this time, too, which, if I'm not mistaken, is the highest in the history of Davao so far.

Other Davaoeno Passers (taken from
1. FE04-0021 belleza lloyd godoy
2. FE04-0029 de guzman israel garcia
3. FE04-0038 diva ray gabriel alvarez
4. FE04-0006 dizon kate mariel andosay
5. FE04-0014 ebero ria theresa magnaye
6. FE04-0026 manluctao clarice germin torres 
7. FE04-0033 matunog michael nazal
8. FE04-0039 parrno eden jane sumugat
9. FE04-0045 pelenio kiara rina gubantes
10. FE04-0001 quinones alvin jed monsanto
11. FE04-0047 salvador ronnie ray dioquino
12. FE04-0040 san pablo karen rachel jabagat 
13. FE04-0012 sandoval ace andrion de pedro
14. FE04-0010 tapulado rochelle escabarte
15. FE04-0023 wong bryan inno nueva

How I prepared for the exam this time was far more extreme than the last times. Yes, I did not pass it on my first try. In fact, although I'm not too proud to admit it, this is my third time taking the exam. I passed the afternoon exam on my first try but did not pass the morning part on my second try. So, what did I do to make sure I passed this time around?

The preparations I did in the last time I took the exam were nothing compared to what I did this time. I not only prepared myself intellectually, but emotionally as well. Also, I became an assistant in the review and we totally changed our approach to the review sessions. It became more like a "Study-at-your-own-pace" style of review and we took mock exams almost everyday. It was a fast-paced course because we started only about a month before the actual exam date. There was no forced attendance - you can opt to come or not. The additional materials shared to us by Sir Loy also helped A LOT. I could not believe how many questions from past exams were taken word-for-word from those materials. Yes, I really did a lot of studying this time and I think that's what helped me greatly in passing. Because, for every exam that I have failed, I could say that I did my best in answering but I did not do my best in studying.

And so, because I knew I was prepared, I was more confident to take the exam. I slept early the night before and placed all my review materials under my pillow (it hurt a little in the beginning but you will no longer feel it when you're asleep :-) ) I even wore a red shirt, red jacket, red shoes, a red bag, and even a red underwear on the exam day just to make sure. Just before the exam started, I had a pep talk with myself in the comfort room. Finally, I took the exam.

Actually, no matter how prepared I was, I was still intimidated by the new questions. I was like, "Where the heck did they get this one?" or something. For questions like those, I could not do anything but to make intelligent guesses and use the hints given by the questions. Of course, the exam was never an easy one and it always manages to surprise me. Even the organization of the questions was nothing like what I was used to and it caught me a bit off-guard. There were also more questions that required analysis and they took longer to answer than most. In fact, I was not able to finish reviewing my answers.

After the exam, I went home with a somewhat lower confidence. I was exhausted especially that I put in a lot of effort into studying and answering. From that day on, with no exaggeration whatsoever, I prayed to pass the exam at least twice a day (it's the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up every morning and the last thing on my mind when I sleep at night), every single day, until the results came out. Yes, I prayed for it every chance I get and there is no joke in this. With every week that passed, my hopes of passing dwindled away in the thousands. I never dared to check the official site and just waited anxiously for Sir Loy's text, which never came. And just last Wednesday, finally, the results were out.

Truth be told, when the results initially came out, I was devastated to see that my name was not on the list. I was thinking, "How could I STILL not pass? I did everything I could to study and my preparations this time were far more superior than the last time I took it." So, I spent the whole day of Thursday to reflect on what I did wrong and it was in vain for the most part. I really could not understand anymore what I could have been doing wrong all this time that I've taken and failed the exam. I was helplessly lost.

I also thought back on all the people who encouraged me and told me that I would definitely pass. How shameful, I thought. I failed their expectations again. And to think that I promised my instructor about surely coming back to Davao after leaving and spending time outside the country!

Thankfully, VERY thankfully, Sir Loy had the heart to double-check the results of the exam. It was then that they found out that the passers from the removals weren't included in the list. And just this Friday, the list was updated and I was one of those whose names were added.

Finally, I have been able to climb yet another wall in my life. I know this is not the last and only the beginning. Even if it was only for a day, the one-day depression was actually like a slap of reality to my face. It taught me that things can't always go the way you want them to and it was only now that I truly understood how it was to feel like a total failure. I now appreciate this experience as one of life's valuable lessons. I am also glad that I did not give up despite having already failed to pass the exam twice. Now I genuinely believe in the saying, "Never give up" 'cause if you give up halfway, you will never know how far you can go. This is also one of those times that I consider as nothing short of God's miracles. I am amazed at how He taught and how He let me experience these things. He really does listen to our prayers and He could easily turn our lives around.


  1. wow kate!!! u really did a great job!!! congrats!!! we are so proud of u!!! you truly are an inspiration... see u in japan... hehehe.. good luck!!!

  2. thanks, te she! :D

    we haven't been interviewed by the company yet so i'm not going to japan anytime soon. hehe. hopefully in the future, though.

    good luck to you, too! if you're willing to take up the challenge, don't hesitate and go for it!

  3. Omedetto gozaimasu, Kate! Congratulations Davao!
    I am witness to how badly you wanted this, and how much sacrifice and heart you placed into preparing for the exam.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It will be an inspiration for our next batch of examinees. And thank you for helping me and our fellow Davaoenos prepare well for this. We did the 'improbable' :)
    next: prepare passport

  4. Congrats sa mga Davaoeno.... ano sekrito nyo? marami kasi pumasa sa inyo... congrats to all of you....

  5. reply to sa comment mo sa blog ko.... (wala kasing comment threading sa blogspot)...hehehee....
    dito sa province namin sa pagkakaalam ko almost 15 ang half passers namin, pero nagtaka ako isa lang pumasa from Leyte last March 2010 na exam... Siguro mas mahirap talaga yung morning exam... huhuhu.... Buti sa inyo 15 ang passers... thanks

  6. Schoolmate ko sa elementary yung isa dyan ahhhh. si Ms. Clarice Manluctao... sa Agusan Colleges in Butuan City... hehehe...

  7. hello iam 1 of the passer, and i have no idea of what to do next... is there any oath-taking or something... self review lang kasi ako. anyone can tell me? thanks

    Congrats sa mga Davawe├▒o

  8. @Anonymous

    Are you from Davao din po? :-) If you are, you may contact the PhilNITS Davao Office at 222-1625. The office is located at DTI Region XI, 5th Floor, Mintrade Bldg. Sales corner Monteverde St., Davao City. Malapit lng po sa Chimes. Then just look for Ma'am Sheryl, Sir Renan, or Sir Loy.

    I'm a passer din po but I took the review course offered by PhilNITS Davao... We are also waiting for news on the next steps to take. :-)


  9. Thanks kate for the quick reply and once again congratulations. Yes i took the exam in davao, i already sent an email to mam joy but still no reply, i guest she is busy as last year... sorry to bother you but can you mail me if you got any replies or info from philnits ( thanks a lot and have a nice day.

  10. parang kilala q c sir loy...

    sir loy pasali naman sa review nyo

    --PHBR 2008

  11. @anonymous:

    Hi! What school are you from? If you really want, baka we can give you a slot for the review. :-)

  12. wala kasi review d2 sa cebu
    self review lang talaga
    technique nalang how to review

  13. @anonymous:

    Ah, so you're from Cebu pala. Check out Sir Loy's blog. He posted some tips on how to pass the exam. Baka makatulong. :-)

    Kahit walang review sa Cebu, I think you are still doing well in the exam. Mataas naman yung passing rate niyo.

    Anyway, good luck! :-)

  14. uu nga noh??..USC offers Review but exclusively for USC students :(( anyway, self review will do. Let's do our best and God will do the rest. :))

  15. Hello Kate! I read your previous posts about taking the PHILNITS FE exam. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips about the exam. I am from Cebu and I am also a PM half passer like you before, I took the the exam last Oct.2015. I am going to take my removal exam this Apr 2016.

    I found your like very helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

    Do you still have any free review materials about the PHILNITS FE exam aside from this and other previous exams?

    Thank you.

  16. By the way you can email me at: