Sunday, May 23, 2010

Useful Software for Web Design and Development

For me, work should come right after graduation and that's just what I did. I applied as a programmer at a private high school near our house and am currently being trained by the staff. One of our major responsibilities is to maintain and update the school's Interactive Learning System (ILS) and for the past three weeks, I have been exposed to different Adobe (TM) Software - most of which are used for web design and development.

Adobe Photoshop

The most common photo editing software that we use. Adobe Photoshop is the first software that was introduced to us. I am not an expert but I could say that I was able to gain skills that I didn't have before.

For this part of the training, we were tasked to create banners and headers for the school's website. A more exciting part was when we created a home page using only Photoshop, a page which we will be importing to the next software that we used.

Adobe Fireworks

I have often heard of the term "slicing"/"splicing" in web design. It was only now that I learned how this is done using Adobe Fireworks. In Fireworks, the page that we designed using Photoshop can be "sliced" into the most important sections (i.e. header, body, etc.) and Fireworks automatically saves the sliced (and unsliced) sections into images and publishes them into an HTML file. But we need to be careful because improper slicing can result to "chopped" web pages.

Another powerful feature of Fireworks is that it allows you to create complex mathematical equations, which can be quite difficult in Photoshop. This is specially true when it comes to square roots, fractions, and equations. With Fireworks, you can simply use the extensive text tools that it offers.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign allows you to create brochures, magazines, booklets, and other publications with ease. While these can also be created using Photoshop, InDesign has built in layouts that you can use for your work. It has templates for books with facing pages and such.

Much of its features and functions are similar to those in Photoshop but it offers some very versatile text formatting functions, such as allowing the continuity of text across two or more columns.


The part of the training that I was most excited about - Flash. I have long wanted to learn Flash but just did not get the opportunity to do it. Finally, because of my work, I was able to really get my hands on this. We spent a week just learning Flash and, although I'm far from being an expert, I can now create decent interactive flash movies.

Learning Flash is an important part of my work because we will use it to create activities and lessons for the ILS. I still have a long way to go in Flash but I am determined to learn more on the way.

Those are just some of the software that I was able to learn during my training. There are a lot more that I have not included here. I am not promoting these as the "ONLY" software for web design and development - I am merely sharing what I learned at work.

ILS is an online learning system where the students enrolled in the school can view their lessons, take quizzes and activities in an interactive way. This is done by incorporating all of the software I mentioned above and more.

Disclaimer: All software names and logos included in this entry belong to their respective software packages under the Adobe  (TM) Corporation.


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