Thursday, June 24, 2010

DTI TECHIE Training (Ph-4): E-Commerce Applications

The TECHIE training was pioneered by DTI Davao and has now concluded the 4th Phase of 5 total phases. Phase 4 is E-Commerce Applications and it includes teaching the participants about online ordering, payment, and advertisements. They were also oriented with some of the tips in designing their E-commerce sites such as proper layouting, photography, and such.

At the end of the 3-day training, the participants, young and old alike, were able to successfully create and present their websites with three different levels of E-Commerce Applications, depending on their needs. And for us trainers, this is more than enough compensation for the effort we exerted in teaching them. Seeing them enjoying, laughing, and participating during the training made us more motivated to help them use technology to promote their businesses online. It is an honor and a privilege not given to many to share my knowledge about technology to Davao City entrepreneurs.

The following is a complete list of the participants and the links to their websites:
1. Aban, Marilyn - Pacific Fruit Processors
2. Adlawan, Rex - Cecil's Snack Inn
3. Alonzo, Rosadelia - T'Boli Weaving Center
4. Benavides, Minda Aurora - One Stop Video Marketing
5. Bernaldez, Ignacio - Bil Foods
6. Briones, Ruth - Great Gifts and Souvenirs
7. Farma, Tito - Orlad's Novelty
8. Fernandez, Gil Aldrick - Koki Food Int'l.
9. Fernandez, Juvenal - T'Boli Weaving Center
10. Gomez, Bernadette - Jonah's Adventure Travel and Tours
11. Lara, Jessica - Country Chef
12. Legaspi, Christine Joyce - Southern Philippines Fresh Fruits Corp.
13. Leuenberger, Eduardo Jr. - Sul Orchids
14. Mintal, Evangeline Sia - Tevanj Snack Inn
15. Mirafuentes, Eriza - Opscribe Outsourcing Hub
16. Navales, Nenita - Navales Foods
17. Pichon, Milarosa - Salon Nicole
18. Riveral, Maria Lourdes - Hands on International
19. Sam, William - Calixtra's Food Products
20. Yparraguirre, Emily - Polar Fresherv, Inc.
21. Alcantara, Carmaela - Crystal Seas

A total of 21 business owners and representatives attended the 3-day seminar about E-Commerce Applications. They were a very lively and participative group that it was really easy to talk to and get along with all of them.

The third day was the most exciting part because some food-related businesses brought samples of their products for the whole group (thanks to my persuasiveness. hahah). Anyway, what made the food tastier was the fact that we all shared and enjoyed them. As a thank you, let me mention your business once again:

Bil Foods for the Durian candies that were all natural - no preservatives - and not too sweet.
Calixtra's Food Products for the chorizo and tocino during lunch. I wished there were more tocinos than chorizos. Haha.
Country Chef for the gourmet tuyo and mango dip, which I really loved. No kidding. The dip was super with the crackers.
Navales Foods for the butter toast and linga cookies. The butter toast was the best! Even my father and sister digged it.
One Stop Video Marketing for the durian ice candies and durian fruits. I struggled with the fruit on the ride home but it was worth it.
Pacific Fruit Processors for the bagful of banana chips that we repacked into smaller-sized bags to take home with us. Haha.
Tevanj Snack Inn for the boxes of chicken and pork siopao, and ube and pandan puto. I wish I got the monggo siopao, too. Very consistent in all the seminars. :D

I really hope that what we shared during the training will allow these businesses to grow and build their online presence over time. It is my sincerest wish that they put into practice what we have taught them so they may reap the seeds of their efforts in improving their business.

Some pictures from the training (Courtesy of PhilNITS Davao):

 That's me going around the room.

Another picture with me helping out one of the trainees.

Ace and Bry doing a lecture.

Group picture.


  1. Thank you Kate for being resourceful at all times in the world of IT at least after our training of TECHIE program of DTI-Davao with PhilNITS, I can browse here in your blogs some related topics. (I'm one of your fans here!)..

  2. To all philnits peope, thank you for sharing to us your expertise.

  3. I am looking forward for a refresher course. he he he he he

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