Sunday, July 11, 2010

IT Passport Teacher Training Program (Davao)

Last July 5-9, 2010, the IT Passport - Teacher Training Program (IT-TTP) was conducted at the PhilNITS Davao Office. The participants of the seminar were IT educators from different schools and universities in Davao. It aimed to provide a better understanding and appreciation of the IT Passport (IP) examination and prepare the participants to teach their students on how to prepare for the exam.

The IT Passport examination is supposedly intended to test the IT knowledge of the common worker/employee. In terms of difficulty, it is a step lower than the FE (Fundamental Engineering) examination, which is intended for entry-level programmers. The IP exam covers three major areas - Strategy, Management, and Technology - and is composed of 100 questions. There are some additional conditions in order to pass the exam, but the passing score is only 60%, which is lower compared to the 75% passing in the FE exam. 

It was emphasized during the IP-TTP that in Davao, the IP pilot examination was held just last March 2010 and results showed that only 2 out of 27 takers had passed. It was quite a disappointing result, considering that the takers were more inclined to IT than what the exam requires. Therefore, the training focused more on the strategies in answering the exam, instead of the usual review styles where re-learning key concepts is given more focus. Various activities and lectures were held in order to make the training a fun, learning experience.

On the last day, the participants were given a mock exam for them to get a feel of the actual exam. They were given the exam set from the pilot examination. Before the training started, it was set that the goal for the mock exam would be 70% - higher than the actual passing. None of the participants were able to reach the goal but the group averaged at 59%, which is just a percent lower than the actual passing score. It was higher than what we, the facilitators, expected, given the participants' busy schedules.

With this training, we hope to promote the IT Passport Examination (and other examinations) as a standard for measuring the global competence of our IT-oriented individuals, students and professionals alike. Besides that, we also want to promote Davao City as a desirable and competent place for IT investments. We hope that whatever the participants learned during the IT Passport Teacher Training Program will be passed on to their students so we can encourage more challengers of the exam and produce more competent and well-rounded IT professionals.

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