Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TECHIE Internet-Based Marketing in Digos

Group picture taken on the first day of the TECHIE Training.

Today concludes the 3-day training of the Phase 2 (Internet-Based Marketing) of project TECHIE which was held in DTI Digos and is the first TECHIE seminar to be held outside of Davao City.

Digos City is a short, (roughly) one (1) hour travel from Davao. The road to Digos is a scenic one, with mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

The training focused on the Phase 2 of the TECHIE Project, which was about Internet-Based Marketing. The 15 participants, composed of business/organization representatives and DTI staff, were taught how to create their own website using free and easy website creation tools. The participants were as follows:

1. Banquerigo, Masarina -
2. Banlasan, Ma. Joycelyn -
3. Calledo, Mae of Malita Children's Program -
4. Capuyan, Rodito of Malita Rural Workers Agrarian Beneficiaries -
5. Diaz, Diadem Pearl of Franklin Baker of the Philippines -
6. Heramiz, Alice Rose of Davao Dragon Fortune Corp. -
7. Ihong, Marino Jr. of Lao Integrated Farms -
8. Kintanar, Mark Michael of BAFAVENTRA Multipurpose Coop. -
9. Kinoc, Elizabeth of DTI
10. Lantape, Giovanni Fitz of United Sugarcane Planters of Davao -
11. Ngoho, Alvaro of Arnold's Hotel and Resto -
12. Paramio, Dominador of BAFAVENTRA Multipurpose Coop. -
13. Parantar, Ronnie of Bansalan Coconut Farmers & Workers MPC -
14. Pastias, Amelita of DTI -
15. Solon, Chona of Crisbel Swine and Poulty Farm -

The participants as they plunge into Internet Marketing.

As an overall observation, the participants were fast-learners. In fact, we found ourselves at a loss of topics to discuss several times during the training. On the first day alone, most of the participants were already halfway with their websites and on the morning of the second day, they were finished.

It was a fun training because they were very inquisitive - they really wanted to know about the dynamics of the Internet and how Internet marketing works. Unfortunately, the module stopped at website creation. It would have been more interesting for them if E-Commerce was included and I think they could have already handled that level of training as they were.

The food, which included two snacks and lunch, for the three-day training was catered by Doki's Grill and it was very satisfying. UNTV even covered most of the morning part of the final day and even interviewed one participant. On the negative side, we did experience technical problems, especially with the WIFI Internet connection. We were cut off several times during presentation but we managed somehow.

In the end, all of the participants were able to present their websites to the whole group. We, as the trainers, were very happy with their output, considering that they only had less than three days to do everything. Of course, what was more important was that the participants were proud of what they were able to do. We hope that the training can continue until the 5th Phase, which would already cover Market Research and Intelligence. We look forward to more trainings in other cities and municipalities so that we, as IT people, can help more Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise owners use the Internet technology to boost their businesses.


  1. i was there... and made my website also ( well a lot of thanks to the mentors from philnits...

    gambatte kudasai sir loy, kate & ace!!!!


  2. arigato gozaimasu, sir fitz! :-)

    i hope you learned something from us. i also hope that you continue to update your org's website and explore more on web development.

  3. it was a great experience..really learned a lot.kung sa movie pa, sana me sequel..hehehe..

    thank you guys for the knowledge shared.

  4. such a very useful experience with your post. Thanks for sharing such a nice and useful information with us.......

  5. This post is awesome! The training is really interesting and I found it very fascinating.

    I also want to experience that one. Hope to see more of this soon! Thanks for sharing!