Friday, September 17, 2010

New Look for Yahoo! Mail

I was scanning through the latest technology news at CNET and then I saw this news about a new look for Yahoo! Mail.

It says that this new Yahoo!Mail was rebuilt from the ground up and that the changes in both the look and the underlying processes should give users a faster Yahoo!Mail experience.

According to the company's new vice president, Blake Irving, they will also integrate instant-messaging (chat) and SMS into the Yahoo!Mail Inbox. In addition to that, Twitter and Facebook users can get to see updates on the landing page of their Yahoo!Mail.

This new look and feel for Yahoo!Mail will be an opt in for users and hopefully, we can opt out of it just as easily.

I have been a Yahoo!Mail user for almost 10 years now. In fact, the first email account that I put up was with Yahoo. Back in those days, I was not a heavy email user. My email was there to just help me sign up to various websites that require an email account.

Before I had known Gmail, I was content with what Yahoo! was giving me. But, it was around 3 years ago that I signed up for a Gmail account and I can't help comparing the two email services - with Gmail getting the upper-hand, unfortunately for Yahoo!Mail. The more often I used Gmail, the more I disliked Yahoo!Mail. Why? Well, compared to Gmail's clean, straightforward interface, Yahoo!Mail has just become so cluttered over the years. There are news and updates on my landing page, which I don't really want to see, and the loading time plainly sucks.

Okay, so regarding Yahoo!Mail's new demo look, let's just get to the point - I'm not sold with the idea. 'Though I actually appreciate their making SMS a part of their mail service, I find all the other features and add-ons already superfluous. It's like trying to fit everything into one basket that the most important stuff gets crushed under all the weight. In Yahoo!Mail's case, they say they're trying to create a better user experience by integrating all those Facebook, Twitter, and other stuff, but I think their most important feature - email - becomes overpowered instead.

Of course, everything I have written here might only be my sentiments. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but perhaps there are people out there who think that Yahoo!Mail is already cluttered as it is - no need to add more crap to the interface.

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