Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Optimize Blogger Post URL for Search Engines

Content is very important in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - but so are your post titles and their URL.

Before, I would post away whatever topic was required of me and even embroidered the title with useless, flowery words. Little did I know that if I wanted more people to read my articles, I would need to choose my post titles and keywords very carefully.

I began earnestly reading blogging tips on SEO and I was able to learn some easy techniques to improve my blog posts. Ever since applying those techniques, I observed a significant increase in traffic and readers of my articles. For a young blog like mine, this was already a very big leap.

And so, in this post I will share with you the techniques that I used. I will be focusing more on optimizing your post titles and URL on Blogger.

1. Blogger only allows 39 characters in your post URL

It will be helpful to know that Blogger only allows 39 characters in your post URL - including spaces, which are replaced by (-) in the URL. And by default, Blogger uses the title of your post to generate the URL.

Example: Post title - Google Images' New "Standard" Layout; Generated URL -

The example above has 33 characters, excluding special characters ( ' and " ).

2. Extra characters are truncated or left out of the URL

For post titles that are longer than 39 characters, the extra part is truncated and only whole words are included in the URL. If you have a post entitled "Top 10 Surprising Effects of Global Warming", the generated URL will only include "top-10-surprising-effects-of-global". The 39th character is "r" in "Warming" but Blogger does not cut words and will instead leave out the whole word.

3. Articles are omitted from the URL

Articles such as "the", "a", and "an" are not included in the URL. Words like "of" and "in" are not omitted and are included in the generated URL.

4. URLs are only created when you "Publish" for the FIRST time

That's right. Blogger only generates a URL for your post when you publish it. Saving it as a draft will not generate a URL.

WARNING! Blogger URLs are PERMANENT so once you publish, you can no longer change the URL of your post no matter what you do - unless you delete it and publish a new one. The only things you can edit after publishing for the first time are the title and content but NOT the URL. Succeeding changes to your post title will no longer affect the URL generate from your first publish.
Those are some guidelines on how Blogger assigns a URL to your post. Now that you already know this, next time you post, make sure to include the important keywords in your post title. So now we move on to working around this method of URL assignment so that you can make your post title appealing to both search engine and human.

1. Choose your most important keywords and use these as the title

Littering your title with keywords is just as important as keywords in your content. When it comes to deciding on post titles, I usually use only the keywords in my post title and omit all unnecessary words. An example is the initial title that I used on this post: "Optimize Blogger Post URL Search Engine". It doesn't make that much sense now but it contains the most important keywords.

2. Write your content and publish

Of course, you have to write your content and publish your post in order for Blogger to assign a URL. Remember that once you publish, the URL is permanent.

3. Edit your post title to make it appealing to HUMANS

After publishing a post with a search engine-friendly URL, it is now time to make it human-friendly. Since the initial title that you used is just a bunch of keywords, it will not make sense to humans. So all you have to do is edit your post, enter a grammatically-correct title, and publish.
Finally, if you look at your post's URL and its title, you will notice that they do not match. That's because we already optimized the URL for search engines and then made the title more human-readable. Go ahead and try it.



  1. It is necessary to optimize your site because there are millions and millions of web sites on the internet today, all different, with no standardized mechanism for indexing or organizing the information they contain.

  2. @^: Yes, I agree with you. We want traffic coming into our sites but the problem is, we have millions of competitors. What we can do to get this traffic is really to optimize (and advertise) our site. :-) Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  3. These are some stellar tips.
    Thank you.

  4. thanx for these useful tips,its useful.i liked so much.

  5. hahahaha will be applying this one on all my blogs...yipeee

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