Monday, May 16, 2011

OFWs: How to Remit through PNB [Japan]

Today, I sent my first remittance to the Philippines from Japan and I sent it through PNB (Philippine National Bank). The process was very simple but I still want to share it with those who would like to know. So this will be a guide for first-time remitters from Japan.

What you need:
- Envelope (for first time applicants, you can buy the envelope from the post office, which costs \20)
- Photocopy of passport or both sides of your alien registration card

Where to go:
- the post office nearest you

What to do:
1. For first time applicants (and even existing members), you need to properly fill up the PNB Remittance form.
2. Prepare the money you will be sending, taking into consideration the \2,000 remittance fee.
3. At the post office, buy the envelope for sending money. It is yellow in color, with a sticker attached at the back.
4. Once you have the envelope, fill up the address of the recipient on the attached sticker. In this case, the recipient is PNB Nagoya Sub-branch, whose address you will find at the back of the remittance form. Also fill up the sender's name, address, and phone number - this is your name and address. You will only have to fill up this envelope during your first remittance because after you send this, PNB will send you the same envelope with the sticker already filled up with your information.
5. After checking that you have completely and properly filled up the form and the envelope, insert the photocopy of your passport/alien card, money, and the remittance form in the envelope and seal it properly.
6. At the post office, your envelope will be weighed and you just have to pay the necessary fees for sending. And that's it. All that's left to do is to wait for PNB's confirmation.

Some Notes:
- The fee that you pay the post office for sending will vary depending on the weight of your mail. This means that the larger the money you send, the higher the fee will be because it will be heavier.
- For PNB to other bank remittances, aside from the \2,000, there may be additional charges that will be deducted from your remittance by the receiving bank. These charges vary from bank to bank.
- For PNB to PNB transactions, the money can be sent as early as the next day. For PNB to other banks, it may take 2-3 working days for the money to be sent.
- Your first remittance will also serve as your application to PNB.


  1. it's nice to know that there is PNB for OFWs in Japan.

  2. thnks for this ;))

  3. Nkakadala 5 days nko nghihintay d prin ok remmitance ko kesyo may kulang s id na send n daw ngbgay ng tn mali naman pla san ba pwede magreklamo dto?!!

    1. Pwede niyo pong tawagan ang PNB branch na pinadalhan niyo. Eto po ang contact info ng PNB Japan:

  4. khit saan po bng post office sa japan ,to be exact in fukuoka