Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Musical (Last) Speech

I had wanted to try singing at the morning assembly in our company during my turn so I did not let this chance pass. This time I summoned all the courage I had and decided to sing during my last speech.

Even though I did want to sing before, there was also another reason why I chose to do so. And that was it wasn't supposed to be my turn yet.

It was a long Tuesday night - I was working overtime - and my turn to do the speech was supposed to be on Thursday. I had not thought of a topic then because I was putting it off 'til the following day, Wednesday, which is a no-overtime day in our company. Okay, so there I was slaving off in front of my computer when one of my officemates suddenly asked me out loud, "Hey, it's your turn tomorrow. Is that okay?" Turns out that the person who was supposed to do the speech the next day was going to be absent.

And to answer my officemate's question, there was no way that was okay! It was already 8 in the evening and you expect me to think of a topic, write my speech, have it checked for grammatical errors, and memorize?! A speech in Japanese is not something we non-Japanese can just cough up on the spot, you know. However, it was then that I decided to take that as a sign to finally put my plan of singing during 朝礼 into action.

That was how I ended up singing "ありあまる富" (Ariamaru Tomi) by 椎名りんご (Shiina Ringo).

There were two reasons why I chose this song. One, the message that you get from the lyrics is really nice, and two, it is easy to sing.

So for now, here's how my speech went.

「僕らが手にしている 富は見えないよ

 それは くだらないものだよ
 なぜなら 価値は命従ってついている」






※The words inside 「」 are the lyrics of the song.

It was a very short speech. The song was rather slow-paced so it took more time to sing than to deliver my actual speech.

The song is simply about being grateful for what you have and realizing that the most important things are those that cannot be seen with the eyes alone. So basically, what I wanted to say was that we should learn to appreciate and be grateful for the things we have. We are richer than we think we are.

And as for how my officemates reacted, I think some of them were surprised when I suddenly started singing without any preamble. But I guess that's okay. Some days later, during our annual general assembly, I was approached by some of my officemates and told me that I sang very well and I was really glad that they liked it.


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